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Bermuda’s Largest Dealership

Auto Solutions offers the widest selection of automobiles in Bermuda. We represent leading vehicle manufacturers from around the world: Hyundai, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, and UD Trucks. All are exclusively available at Auto Solutions.

Personalised Service

Our fleet of commercial and private vehicles is backed by our Service & Parts departments and highly skilled team of qualified technicians.

Trusted brands

We seek out top performing vehicles from leading global brands to ensure the best quality and driving experience possible for our customers.

Friendly team

Our dependable team goes the extra mile to assist with any and all of your vehicle needs. They’re always on hand to assist! Check out our full team below.


We are the proud winner of two Best of Bermuda Awards for Best Car Mechanic and Car Sales, and one of Bermuda’s Top 10 Employers, three years running.

Total support

We offer the expertise and experience necessary to keep our customer’s vehicles on the road and running as efficiently as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
Our vehicle showroom is located at our St John’s Road facility, just north of Hamilton.
What hours are you open?
The ASL Sales Department is open from 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday and is also open on Saturdays from 9:00am to 5:00pm for your convenience.
Can I test drive a vehicle that interests me?
Yes, you can test drive any of our vehicles that are for sale. You will require a valid local (Bermuda) driver’s license and be accompanied by one of our Sales Associates. Although all cars are usually available, it is always a good idea to make an appointment if you are interested in a particular vehicle to avoid delays.
Are all of your vehicles for sale at the same location?
Yes, we offer one stop shopping with the most amazing array of vehicles available for sale anywhere in Bermuda. Your Auto Solutions Sales Associate is fully knowledgeable with all of our vehicles and can assist you in making the best choice for your individual needs and requirements.
How should I prepare for vehicle shopping in Bermuda?
The most important thing is to allow yourself ample time for the purchase process. Buying a vehicle is one of the most significant purchases that you will make and you will be living with the results of your decision for many years, so it is important to choose wisely. Take time to shop around and be aware of what is available in the market. Our Sales Associates do not pressure anyone to make a fast sale. We want your new vehicle to be the best possible choice for your situation and the beginning of a long and happy relationship with Auto Solutions.
Why choose Auto Solutions?
We have the most diverse selection of vehicles available on the island. In our showroom there is a vehicle for everyone. We pride ourselves on our after-sales commitment to our customers, trained and skilled technicians, and wide-ranging parts inventory. We are committed to improving upon our service team to be the best and most capable on island. Ultimately, we have the best selection of vehicles and brands for sale coupled with a solid service organization to protect your investment and keep you driving in safety and comfort.
Aside from personal preference, which is better for Bermuda’s driving conditions – automatic or standard transmission?
Bermuda’s unique driving conditions, namely our stop and go driving, narrow roads and low speeds make automatic transmissions an excellent and preferred choice. They are also simpler, safer and easier to handle for first time or inexperienced drivers.
Are there factors to consider regarding Bermuda’s climate?
In our hot and humid summers, we find that lighter coloured cars generally stay cooler than darker coloured vehicles, which tend to absorb more radiant heat.
Are there options to choose from on my new car?
When we import vehicles to Bermuda we spec them to the highest specifications available, bringing them in fully loaded with the maximum options made available to the Bermuda market. Each market will be given certain specifications available, so the options available will vary at times. The only option to consider at time of purchase is rust proofing which is highly recommended because of our proximity to the ocean.
Can I have a personalized license plate?
Yes, but all personalized plates are dealt with through the Transport Control Department (TCD). Their website can be accessed via the Bermuda Government Portal at in the Transport Control Department section. Any personalizations other than this are not legal in Bermuda.
Can you deliver my new car?
Yes – absolutely no problem! When all of the formalities have been completed we would be delighted to deliver your new vehicle.
Can I keep my license number from my old car?
Yes, in fact any unused portion of your license, registration and insurance fees can also be transferred to your new vehicle. Your Auto Solutions Sales Associate will be glad to assist you in this process.
Do you take trade-ins?
Unfortunately we are not able to offer a trade-in service at this time. There are only 2 options to pursue with your old vehicle. You may sell it privately which involves transfer testing at TCD and selling (or giving) it to a new owner. The new owner must register the vehicle in their name at TCD to allow you to be able to purchase another vehicle. Bermuda only allows one vehicle per household. Or, if your old car is at the end of its useful life we can take possession of it, cut it, issue a write-off certificate and dispose of it properly at the dump.
How long does it take to get my car ready for the road?
From the time your decision is made it will take approximately 2 days for your car to be prepped and ready for delivery. If bank financing is required, this may take several days depending on your chosen bank and personal situation.
How do I obtain vehicle insurance for my new car?
We can help you through this process. All of the forms required are available at Auto Solutions and your Sales Associate can assist you in filling out the forms for your chosen insurance company at time of sale.
Does it matter what insurance company I chose?
It really depends on personal preference. We deal with all of Bermuda’s insurance companies and find that they provide similar services and offer competitive rates. If you have existing insurance on your old car you can transfer the unused balance to your new vehicle and keep your existing discount.
What information will my chosen insurance company require?
Besides personal identification (Name, Address, Contact info etc.) and the vehicle information (we can supply this information), your driving history is the most important data. Generally you should be prepared to provide details of accidents, traffic offences (not parking tickets) and insurance claims for the last 5 years. This information has the greatest influence on the rate that you will be quoted. It is very important to be honest here! If the insurance company discovers that you have not accurately disclosed this information then insurance claims may be denied! If you are new to Bermuda, a letter from your previous insurance company may help you obtain a better discount rate(a no claims discount rate).
What paperwork is required?
In addition to your insurance paperwork, for vehicle registration there are three main forms that you will need to submit: the Vehicle Registration Form, Application to License a Private Car and the Assessment Form. Since Bermuda only allows one vehicle (car) per household, the assessment form links your vehicle to your dwelling and must be signed by the owner of the dwelling. This means that if you are not the owner you must have this form signed by your landlord. The Assessment number of your dwelling is also required and your Auto Solutions Sales Associate can help you determine this number. A great reference for information regarding licensing procedures for vehicles in Bermuda can be found on the Bermuda Government Portal web site at in the Transport Control Department (TCD) section.
Can you assist with financing my new car?
Unfortunately, we do not provide financing at Auto Solutions Limited, however, we can assist you through the process of obtaining financing through the local banks. All of the required paperwork for the local banks is available at Auto Solutions Limited for your convenience. Normal turnaround time varies, however financing usually involves at least 48 hours to complete.
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